Usagi na Panic
Usagi na Panic (Title Screen)
Developer Softec
Publisher Softec
Released Febuary 24, 1995
Japanese Title うさぎなパニック
System PC 9801
Media Floppy Disk x 3
Genre Action Platform

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Usagi na Panic is a side-scrolling action platform game developed and published by Nihon Softec on Febuary 24, 1995 for the PC 9801.


This game is a cute and colorful action platformer which is divided into ten stages. The heroin uses a sword and has a range of various moves. Ramy can jump, is able to block enemy attacks with a shield, and can execute dash attacks. She can also throw projectiles which you can use to strike enemies from a far. Bombs can be set in order to trap the enemies, nonetheless with a limited number of use.

A sequel was developed on the same machine bringing some modifications to the gameplay, under the title Usagi na Panic 2 - Penpenjima no Hihou.