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Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin (classes)

Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin uses a class system which enables you to create your own team to explore the labyrinths with. Each class starts with specific characteristics and skills at level one and will gain access to more skills as they level up.

There is a total of eight classes to choose from. They are as follows:

Fighter (ファイター)Edit

Paladin (ナイト)Edit

Samurai (サムライ)Edit

Wizard (ウィザード)Edit

Cleric/Healer (クレリック)Edit


Back row character that specializes in support and HP recovery skills.

Spells and skills:

Main article: List of Cleric's spells and skills

Ranger (レンジャー)Edit

Ninja (ニンジャ)Edit

Dancer (ダンサー)Edit

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