Totsugeki! Mix
Pc 9801 Totsugeki! Mix
Developer C-lab
Publisher C-lab
Released Jun 17 1994
Japanese Title 突撃!みっくす
System PC 9801
Media Floppy Disk x3
Genre Action platform


Totsugeki! Mix is a side-scrolling action platform game developed and published by C-lab in 1994 for the PC 9801.


The dark lord Galuf has ambitions to take over the world, and there's only one thing left that he needs: three magic seals, said to be the most powerful weapons in existence. When he comes to the castle where they are hidden, the princess entrusts them to a fairy to find help. She escapes the castle and finds three young travelers. The fairy entrusts each girl with one of the seals, and they set off to defeat Galuf, rescue the princess, and restore peace to the kingdom.


Choose one of the three playable characters, three girls, each with their own unique weapon ,travel through ten different stages fighting Galuf 's minions. The earlier stages can be done in any order. Collect several special powers during your trip and fight the boss at the end of each stage.

Game GuideEdit

After completing the first levels, many players get stuck and cannot access to the next stages.
There is three items you have to collect from some levels, depicted by those stars: Totsugeki! Mix - Stars

The first one you need to get is in the cake level: on stage 1-1, you should find it in the second area.
The second one is in the level with a big open over-water areas: just after seeing these tube shaped platforms, cross the wooden bridges and look for the star around, but not on ground level. The third one is in the balloon stage. Go to the room with all the multicolored doors, and go to the leftmost one.