The Scheme
Pc 8801 The Scheme
Developer Bothtec
Publisher Bothtec
Released Aug 9, 1988
Japanese Title ザ・スキーム
System PC 8801
Media Floppy Disk
Genre Action RPG
The Scheme Screen 0


The Scheme (ザ・スキーム) is a side-scrolling action RPG developed and published by Bothtec on August 9, 1988 for the PC 8801.


This is a side-scrolling action adventure game with a Metroid-style exploration though the non-linearity is mostly an illusion, and you are cloistered into certain areas until you find a item which allows access to the next area. The game is set up into separate levels, and within each level there is a boss and a gate hidden somewhere. The gate will only open once you have collected the item to open it from the boss.


The Scheme is one of the earliest works of Yuzo Koshiro, one of the more famous video game composers.