The Fairyland Story
The Fairyland Story MSX Cover
Developer Taito
Publisher GA-Yume / Hot-B
Released Sept 3, 1987
Japanese Title フェアリーランドストーリー
System MSX Logo
Also on X68000
Media ROM ( MegaRom 128Kb )
Genre Action Platform


The Fairyland Story is a classic arcade platform game, developed by Taito Corporation and published by GA-Yume / Hot-B in 1987 for the MSX. The game is originally released in the arcades in 1985 and was ported later to the X68000 in July 1991.

The game itself was not a great success compared to more famous Taito games such as Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands, but it can be considered one of the ancestors (with Chack'n Pop) in the popular Bubble Bobble series of video games.

Many of Bubble Bobble's gameplay elements, and even some graphics and bonuses, first appeared in The Fairyland Story. The game's protagonist, Ptolemy, also appears as a bonus in other Taito games such as Bubble Symphony and Pop'n Pop.


You take control of the little witch Ptolemy through a series of single-screen levels, the goal being to eliminate all enemies and proceed to the next level. She must make her way through 101 rounds and defeat the evil purple dragon Dracolisk to retrieve the holy diamond and return peace to the land.

Ptolemy's main weapon is her magic attack, which can turn enemies into cakes for a short while. While in a "caked" form, the enemies can be either be destroyed by further magic attacks or by being dropped off a platform, possibly squashing other enemies below. Squashing more than one enemy results in an award of more points and sometimes, in extra bonuses.

Ptolemy can sometimes collect some utility bonuses which increase her speed or the power and range of her magic for a short while, or some offensive bonuses such as the destruction of all on-screen enemies.