Takkoman -Kouzatsu World-
Takkoman (Title Screen)
Developer illuCalab
Publisher illuCalab
Released May 27, 2012
System Windows
Media CD Rom (x1)
Genre Action Platform


Takkoman -Kouzatsu World- is an action platformer developed and published by illuCalab on May 27, 2012 for Windows. This is a Mega Man X (or Mega Man Zero) clone which is based on the characters from the extremely popular Touhou series, starring Yukkuri Yukari with no arms.


The gameplay itself remains largely similar to the Megaman X series. After the opening-stage completion, there is a choice given to the player of which stages to attempt first. Each stage contains one main boss at the end, and one boss in the middle of the stage. The heroine has the ability to dash along the ground at any time, cling to walls and jump, and dash and jump at the same time, increasing his speed in the air. She is also capable to perform a dash in mid-air.

Mastering dash ability will be essential. With this, player can reach further platform and cancel enemy bullets.



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