Satazius (boxart)
Developer Astro Port
Publisher JP Astro Port
(physical release)
WW Nyu Media
(digital download)
Released Aug 14, 2011
Japanese Title サタゼウス
System Windows
Media DVD Rom
Genre Shoot 'em up

Satazius (サタゼウス) is a horizontal-scrolling arcade shoot 'em up developed and published by Astro Port on August 14, 2011 for Windows. The game is also available entirely in English as digital download online on Nyu Media official website since December 20, 2011.


The year is 2051. Location: SATAZIUS, a long-abandoned planet.

The cruiser Agano was on patrol when it was attacked and stricken by a confederacy of space pirates that had established a base on SATAZIUS. The pirates attacked the Agano intending to steal the assault ship Trafalgar that was stowed aboard the Agano, but the Trafalgar made a successful emergency escape.

The crew of the Trafalgar calculated the probability of successfully escaping the pirate overrun planet at 0.02%. The probability of charging into and successfully destroying the pirate base was 1%. Taking the higher probability escape plan, the crew of the Trafalgar turned their ship toward the pirate horde and began their charge into the heart of SATAZIUS.




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Here is the link to Trial version of Satazius → Direct Download

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