Sakaue Youko
Sakaue Youko - Profile
Japanese Name 坂上 陽子
(さかうえ ようこ)
Race Human
Sex Female
Weapons Hand held fans
Affiliation Shrine Maiden Committee
Voiced by Sakurai Harumi
(櫻井 浩美)
Appears In Yumina the Ethereal

Sakaue Youko (坂上 陽子) is a female character from Yumina the Ethereal.


Website description:

A second-year student, Youko is Tsukuyo's twin sister and the vice-chair of the Shrine Maiden Committee. Her personality is the exact opposite of her sister's, forceful and outgoing. Has strong beliefs and is willing to use others to achieve her goals. It was Youko who proposed the formation of the Shrine Maiden Committee, and her drive that made it possible. While Tsukuyo remains secluded in the commitee's shrine, Youko works tirelessly to expand the committee's influence over the student body - though to what purpose, no one knows.

“ Pathetic. You should drop out before you embarrass yourself. ”

Abilities and skillsEdit