Pc 9801 Rusty (1)
Developer C-lab
Publisher C-lab
Released Jul 16 1993
Japanese Title ラスティ
System PC 9801
Media Floppy Disk x5
Genre Action Platform


Rusty (ラスティ) is a side-scrolling action platform game developed and published by C-lab in 1993 for the PC 9801. This is a Castlevania-like game with a similar gameplay.

Note: Available in 5.25 and 3.5 FD


You play as Rusty, a vampire hunter who is trying to rescue a variety of girls who have been kidnapped by the evil vampiress Bloody Mary who is attempting to revive count Monte Carlo after 300 years.


The game consists of ten levels within which you have to find keys to unlock the appropriate doors. Rusty uses a whip to attack enemies and can attack to the left, right, and directly upwards. She is capable of dashing, and grabbing on to grapple points with her whip and swinging, similar to Castlevania 4, a video game for the super famicom.