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Rance X: Decisive Battle (ランス10-決戦-), formerly known as Rance 10 -Rance Series Final-, is an adult role-playing video game for Windows.

This is the tenth installment in the Rance series which was produced by AliceSoft and this chapter officially marks the end of the 28-year old series, ending with it Rance's adventures.

The game was initially scheduled to be released in 2016, but near the end of the same year, AliceSoft stated (on their blog) that the game will be delayed with no official estimation for its release. It was eventually released on February 23, 2018.

Unlike Rance IX: The Helman Revolution, Rance X was confirmed to be a classical RPG that uses a 2D graphical representation instead of 3D models like the previous game. The main reason for this choice was due to the fact that Rance X will feature a huge cast of characters appearing in previous Rance games.


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