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Okitsu Ai
Okitsu Ai - Profile.png
Japanese Name 御木津 藍
(おきつ あい)
Race Human
Sex Female
Weapons Firearm (handgun)
Affiliation Debate Club
Voiced by Tooyama Eriko
Appears In Yumina the Ethereal

Okitsu Ai (御木津 藍) is a playable female character from Yumina the Ethereal.


Website description:

An eccentric girl who transfers to Jinbu Academy shortly after the Election War begins. Despite her spotless record and glowing letters of recommendation, she decides to join the underdogs of the Debate Club. While glad of the boost to their strength, the other members wonder at her motives. She does seem to be interested in a certain someone... She claims to be an average girl born and raised in the heartland of Japan, but it is obvious from the things she says and does that there's something very off about this girl. Loyal to her desires, Ai always eats and plays to the fullest. When something grabs her interest, rest assured that she will pursue it no matter what stands in her way, often dragging other people (usually Ayumu) along for the ride. In contrast to her doll-like appearance, she shows incredible athletic ability.

“ I look forward to working with you all. ”

Abilities and skills