Nemesis '90 Kai
X68000 Nemesis '90 Kai Cover
Developer Konami
Publisher SPS
Released Nov 12, 1993
Japanese Title ネメシス90 改
System X68000
Media Floppy Disk x2
Genre Shoot 'em up


Nemesis '90 Kai (ネメシス90 改) is a horizontal shoot 'em up developed by Konami and published by SPS on November 12, 1993 for the X68000.

Nemesis '90 Kai is an enhanced remake of Nemesis 2 with higher-quality music and significantly more detailed graphics. Two new stages and four boss enemies have been added to this version. This version of Gradius is exclusive X68000 and remains one of the most sought-after games in the series.


One interesting feature of this game is finding time-limited power-ups at certain points that give abilities like slowing down the screen, a plasma wave attack, and rotating options. Possibility to equip four options on the player-controlled ship (as opposed to only two in the original version).

Another great feature about this game is the recovery run : That is upon defeating a boss you can fly your ship, with careful maneuvering, into his Core. This triggers a mini-level in which you must navigate a tight set of tunnels brimming with turrets towards the true Core, where your fighter will capture it, giving you access to a new weapon with a few in an additional weapons slot on your ship.