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Generation Xth: Code Realize
Generation Xth Code Realize (boxart)
Developer Experience Inc.
Publisher Experience Inc.
Released May 31, 2009
Japanese Title ジェネレーション エクス -コードリアライズ-
System Windows
Media CD-ROM
Genre Dungeon RPG

Generation Xth: Code Realize (ジェネレーション エクス -コードリアライズ-) is a first-person dungeon crawler developed and published by Experience Inc. on May 31, 2009 for Windows. Generation Xth: Code Realize is the third installment of the Generation Xth series.

Plot summaryEdit

Tokyo, spring of 20XX - The special forces unit known as the Xth Squad has been through countless battles, putting their superhuman abilities to the test. Thanks to them, the bizarre incidents, which threw the world into chaos, have been long forgotten.

It looked as though their battles were finally over. But one day, everything changed... An unidentified object, nearly 2,000 miles long, appeared without warning high in the sky. It was dubbed "the Embryo". Was this a gift from heaven, or a sign of the end times?

The world once again fell into chaos, and the United Nations turned to the Code Physics Agency for help. The Xth had a single mission: Infiltrate the mysterious object. Victory seemed within their reach, when suddenly...


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The action still takes place in a modern-futuristic cyberpunk environment with several vast and dangerous dungeons to explore.


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Generation Xth: Code Realize features a variety of returning characters from Generation Xth: Code Hazard and also features new characters.


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