GXTH1 (Stats Menu)

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Character statsEdit

Basic attributesEdit

The stats are very similar to the standard Wizardry mold. Each character has parameters that provide different effects in battle. There is 6 basic fighting stats in Generation Xth: Code Hazard:

STR - Increases damage of Physical attacks. STR is basically melee power.

INT - Increases damage of Magical attacks. INT determines spell power (WIZ and PSI spell codes).

PIE - Increases spell power for priest spells (HEAL spell codes). Also determines magical resistance.

VIT - Increases Physical Defense. Also determines health point gain.

AGI - Agility determines initiative order and can give AC bonuses.

LUC - Luck affects everything, gives random bonuses, and increases chance to find better items.

Derived attributesEdit

The values of these attributes are quantities that are derived from the character's primary attributes and classes.

HP - The total damage you can take before you die.

ATP - Attack power: Determines damage you deal to enemies.

DEF - Damage resistance: Determines how much damage you mitigate.

AC and THAC0 (abbreviated as TH) are both shown next to profile image of the character:

AC - Increase chance to avoid enemy attacks. A lower AC is better for avoiding enemy attacks.

TH - Increases Accuracy. A lower TH is better for hitting enemies.