Final Crisis
Pc 8801 Final Crisis (1)
Developer Techno Grard
Publisher Techno Grard
Released 1991
Japanese Title ファイナルクライシス
System PC 8801
Media Floppy Disk x 3
Genre Shoot 'em up


Final Crisis - Terrestrial Defense Police is a horizontal shoot 'em up developed and published by Techno Grard in 1991 for the PC 8801.

Despite different team names, this is the work of Group R204, the same doujin circle that did MeltDown (1989) and ReFight (1991), and this is probably one of the most successful products they made. This game is also the only one with a retail release.

Final crisis will remain as one of the best PC-88 exclusive shmups, with impressive graphics, smooth scrolling and fluid animations, it's quite a feat for a PC-8801 game.



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