Filia Elpis
Filia Elpis - Profile
Japanese Name フィリア・エルピス
Romanization Philia Elpis
Race Human
Sex Female
Height 161 cm
Class Knight
Weapons Sword
Affiliation Abestaag
Voiced by 東かりん
Appears In Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~

Filia Elpis (フィリア・エルピス) is a knight belonging to the large guild Abestaag. Unusually strong, she tries to protect the smile of people. She has a bright and cheerful personality but sometimes shows signs of something sad having happened in the past.

She often works with the members of the Caro family and although not belonging directly to Caro family she is still considered to be part of it. Graduate from adventurer training school Voromia Academy situated in Felshis, she came to Mereshias branch office of abestaag in order to follow the others.

Abilities and skillsEdit