Disc Station Vol. 10
(PC-9801 CD-ROM version)
Disc Station Vol. 10 PC-9801 CD-ROM (magazine)
Developer Compile
Publisher Compile
Released May 5, 1996
Japanese Title ディスクステーション 10号 (BOOKタイプ)
System PC-9801
Media CD-ROM (+ magazine)
Genre Miscellaneous

Disc Station Vol. 10 (Disc Station #10) is a CD-ROM based magazine published by Compile on May 5, 1996 for the PC-9801.


The CD-ROM that is included in this magazine contains several games:

  • Rude Breaker: A very effective vertical scrolling shooter that draws heavily on the Star Soldier series published by Hudson Soft. This game was deliberately designed as a tribute to the aforementioned series and is not merely based on a mundane source of inspiration.
  • Runner's High (ランナーズ・ハイ): A racing game played in the third-person perspective.
  • Nazo Puyo (なぞぷよ): In the class of games inspired by the Puyo Puyo series, this is the original Mission Mode separated into its own game.
  • Applesauce Summer Festival (あっぷるそーす あのコと夏祭り): An interactive game in which clicking on items or characters makes stuff happen.
  • うさ雀外伝 俺が切り札!: A card game endowed with a very Japanese ambiance.


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