Bike Banditz
Bike Banditz - Title Screen
Developer Hot Pulse
Publisher French Bread
Released Aug 17, 2003
Japanese Title バイクバンディッツ
System Windows
Media CD Rom
Genre Shoot 'em up


Bike Banditz is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game developed by Hot Pulse and published by the doujin circle French Bread in August 2003 for Windows.

Bike Banditz is a very colorful shmup with bright colors, opting voluntarily for a 2D design relatively flat with black outlines thickened to highlight the manga appearance wanted by developers. This game skillfully combines classical shooter elements and manic shooters (danmaku), which is very rarely done with a successful outcome in the horizontal scrolling shooters.


There are three characters to choose from (a fourth can be unlocked after beating the game). Each of them will be equipped with a frontal firing and a secondary weapon, a kind of satellite which allows you to aim and to fire in eight directions, in the opposite direction to the one you’re moving in.

Then, it is possible to keep the firing direction if you hold down the shoot button. This feature is similar to Gleylancer, a Megadrive/Genesis game which will have been familiar only to hardcore gamers and to collectors. This secondary weapon system is somewhat innovative, and makes the gameplay interesting and subtle.