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Aquaplus (アクアプラス Akuapurasu), formally U-Office (ユーオフィス), is a Japanese video game company, publisher of visual novels and role-playing games under their brand Leaf which produces adult games. Games for all-ages are released under Aquaplus' name alone.

Aquaplus has been involved with the development of animated productions based on Leaf's games.


  • For Aquaplus Windows game releases, see Leaf games.


Aquaplus was established in October 1994 in Itami, Hyōgo, Japan as a visual novel and music publishing company at the time called U-Office, ltd. (有限会社ユーオフィス). Their adult game brand Leaf was also established at this time. In February 1995, Leaf produced their first game, and later that year in November U-Office started releasing all-ages games for personal computers under their name alone. In 1998, Aquaplus opened a development office in Toshima, Tokyo. In March 1999, Aquaplus published their first visual novel on a home console, To Heart, for the PlayStation.

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