Aquales (Title Screen)
Developer Exact
Publisher Exact
Released September 12,1991
Japanese Title アクアレス
System X68000
Media Floppy Disk x 3
Genre Action

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Aquales (アクアレス) is a side-scrolling action game developed and published by Exact on September 12,1991 for the X68000.


This is an action game with platformer elements, featuring underwater giant robots. One of the most significant parts of gameplay is based on the use of a grappling hook, capable of latching on to any surface and carrying you throughout the levels. Your giant robot has a second arm equipped with a huge gun that is normally just a grapnel-gun, but can shoot other stuff if you collect powerups, allowing you the use of rockets and flame throwers. It is also possible to use a sword. There is also an EXP meter that fills up each time you kill a enemy, allowing you to expand your life-bar length.