Alice Mifune
Alice Mifune - Profile
Japanese Name 御舟 アリス (みふね ありす)
Race Human
Sex Female
Age 18 (Generation Xth games)
19 (Meikyuu Cross Blood)
Class Paladin (Brunhild)
Weapons Spear
Affiliation X-Force / Xth Squad
Hinowa Academy
Voiced by Ikumi Nakagami
(中上 育実)
Appears In Generation Xth: Code Hazard, Generation Xth: Code Breaker, Generation Xth: Code Realize, Meikyuu Cross Blood

Alice Mifune (御舟 アリス) is a recurring character in the Generation Xth series.


A spirited young woman who serves as captain of the CPO's X-Force. She is half-Japanese on her father's side, while her mother is from the United Americas. She's also the granddaughter of the founder of a leading Japanese corporation.

With her palpable sense of justice and focused direction, she leads the Xth as they face numerous Hazard Cases. Though valued for her excellent leadership qualities, sometimes she responds first and asks questions later. Her talents are beyond question, but her excessive recklessness causes unending headaches for her bosses.


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